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Automated testimonials and word of mouth help you get more customers
✔️ Wall of Love to showcase your testimonials
✔️ Campaigns to automate testimonial collection
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Drive more sales with word of mouth

Build Your Wall Of Love
Showcase testimonials from customers on your website and build your own wall of love. Testimonials from your customer advocates help your business grow organically through word of mouth and build trust
Automate Testimonial Collection
Collect testimonials easily with our ready-made email templates. You can also create campaigns to automate testimonial collection.
Manage Your Social Proof
Post testimonials on social media platforms like Twitter and Linkedin, review platforms like G2, Capterra and TrustPilot and use social proof to get more customers and drive sales.

Community-Led Growth for your business

An engaged community can work wonders for your business.

Whether you're a B2B SaaS, Shopify (D2C), Consumer or an online SMB business, an engaged community of early adopters, customer advocates and influencers will help you skyrocket your growth.

Testimonials help you leverage word of mouth marketing to grow your business. When existing customers vouch for your business, it helps build trust and acquire new customers.

Get started today with Casa and build the community that will help you scale and reach new heights 🚀