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Surveys help you get feedback and understand what to improve
✔️ CSAT surveys to get customer ratings
✔️ Free text for qualitative feedback
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Know what to improve with regular feedback

CSAT surveys for customer rating
Understand how your early customers are feeling about your product with simple CSAT ratings. You can also tag members and send surveys to segments like early adopters, customer advocates, and top customers.
Send surveys over email
Surveys can be sent over email to members you choose. You can segment members and send surveys to only a specific group of customers. You can also customize the content of the email according to your specific requirements to ensure high conversion.
Build advocates for your startup
By getting regular feedback through simple CSAT surveys you ensure that you always know how your customers are feeling about your product and service.

Moreover, by getting their feedback and delighting them, you can convert them into customer advocates. A customer advocate tells a lot more people about your startup and creates organic word of mouth!

Community-Led Growth for your business

An engaged community can work wonders for your business.

Whether you're a B2B SaaS, Shopify (D2C), Consumer or an online SMB business, an engaged community of early adopters, customer advocates and influencers will help you skyrocket your growth.

Surveys help you get feedback from early adopters and customers so you can improve product and delight customers, thereby creating customer advocates.

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