Turn early adopters into
customer advocates

Grow your business with social proof and community-led growth
✔️ Testimonials to drive sales with word of mouth
✔️ Surveys to get feedback from customers
✔️ Segmentation to identify customer advocates
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Achieve community-led growth
Identify Advocates
Segment your customers and identify customer advocates
Get Testimonials
Get testimonials and social proof from your customer advocates
Grow Your Business
Grow your business with word of mouth marketing
Grow Your Business With Social Proof
Testimonials and social proof help you get more sales

  • Get shoutouts from your customer advocates on autopilot

  • Embed those testimonials in your Wall Of Love
  • CSAT surveys (with ratings) quickly help you understand how happy customers are

  • Free text feedback helps you get feedback from customers and improve your product

  • Email integration built-in to send out surveys to your customers
Tag members into early adopters, customer advocates, and more

  • Send targeted communication over email

  • Take actions like invite to campaign, ask for feedback, and more

  • Email templates to engage with your community

Community-Led growth for your business

An engaged community can work wonders for your business.

Whether you're a B2B SaaS, Shopify (D2C), Consumer or an online SMB business, an engaged community of early adopters, customer advocates and influencers will help you skyrocket your growth.

Get started today with Casa and build the community that will help you scale and reach new heights 🚀